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Diabetruw Cinnamon Extract Capsules 60 cap

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  • Diabetruw Cinnamon Extract Capsules is a supplement for special nutrition in diabetes mellitus.

    Diabetruw cinnamon extract capsules contain the aqueous special extract TC 112 from the high-quality Kaiser cassia cinnamon bark. They are a dietary food for special nutrition in diabetes mellitus as part of a diet plan.

    It has been found that the regular consumption of cassia cinnamon (Chinese cinnamon) as part of supporting dietary measures (diet plan). Cinnamon trees mainly grow in Southeast Asia. Cinnamon bark has been used as a plant there for thousands of years.

    Commercially available cinnamon is subject to fluctuations in its composition depending on its origin and storage. The TC 112 cinnamon extract in Diabetruw cinnamon extract capsules, on the other hand, is of constant quality, as it is made from the valuable bark of the Kaiser cassia cinnamon tree using a gentle, standardized process.

    The essential oils still present in the cinnamon powder, which can cause allergies or irritation in the stomach or intestines, are no longer contained in the TC 112 cinnamon extract.

    The aqueous extraction of cassia cinnamon also largely removes the naturally contained coumarin, so that the special extract TC 112 is classified as unproblematic with regard to coumarin. That is why it is easily digestible even with long-term consumption. The capsule shells are made from the natural substance cellulose and do not contain gelatine.

    By regularly consuming Diabetruw cinnamon extract capsules as a dietary food, the sugar metabolism can be positively influenced as part of a diet plan.

  • 1 capsule 3 times a day with sufficient liquid with meals.

    sugar-free, lactose-free

    N ettofüllmenge:
    60 capsules containing 0.36 g = 22 g

  • * 11 filler: cellulose; Cassia cinnamon bark (15.7%); Coating agent: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose; Colorants: iron oxides and iron hydroxides, titanium dioxide; Release agents: silicon dioxide, talc, magnesium salts of fatty acids

    Nutrient table Per
    Per daily dose
    (3 capsules)
    cassia cinnamon extract
    112 mg * 336 mg

    * 112 mg aqueous cassia cinnamon extract preparation corresponds to approx. 1 g cinnamon bark powder