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Zinc Ointment 45g

Zinc Ointment 45g

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  • Dentinox Zinc Ointment Dentinox against diaper rash for oozing, or itchy sores in the diaper area - It is against diaper rash promotes rapid healing.

    The active ingredient zinc oxide has a slightly disinfecting and supports wound healing. In addition, the ointment absorbs the moisture from wet wounds and protects the skin by forming ointment film from moisture (urine) from the outside. Key product benefits:

    • Good adhesion ointment base

    • Especially skin-friendly

    • Almost invisible after attrition

    • Without preservatives

  •  The Oitment is applied to the skin: To support wound healing, even with oozing, or itchy wounds, fissures; Use as a cover ointment.

  • 1g of ointment contains as active ingredient 100 mg of zinc oxide. Another component is wool alcohol ointment (DAB). (Wool alcohol ointment (DAB) containing cetylstearyl alcohol (Ph.Eur.), Wool wax alcohols and white petrolatum.)



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