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Dr. Wolz

Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immune Capsules 125 cap

Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immune Capsules 125 cap

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  • Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immun capsules is a dietary supplement that made from the first milk of New Zealand grazing cows. This milk is largely freed from fat, the immune proteins are concentrated and gently dried. It is a concentrate of the best and most valuable ingredients that first milk has. Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immun capsules is beneficial for a healthy immune system, i.e. balancing and strengthening for the immune system with high natural lactoferrin content.

    Why Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immun ?
    It is used to support health, with special stresses and with changes of the season. But also with seasonal stress on susceptible children, including those who do not like dairy products. The beneficial effects of Colostrum Immun Dr. Wolz is achieved through a wide variety of natural and valuable ingredients, which among other things also support the intestinal flora. Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immun capsules is ideal as a dietary supplement. The vegetable cellulose capsules are gelatine-free.

    Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immun capsules contains valuable natural ingredients such as bioactive proteins, amino acids and trace elements in concentrated form. It works very well with Immune Complex by Dr. Wolz, because the immune complex by Dr. Wolz with enzyme yeast cells and glucans stimulate the defense cells and the immune system; Dr. Wolz Colostrum Immun capsules already contains the defense substances (immunoglobulins).

    • has a beneficial effect on the immune system: Strengthening and balancing
    • gelatin free
    • gluten free
    • free from colorings and preservatives


  • 5 capsules daily distributed with meals or all at once. The capsules are enteric-coated. But they can also be opened by pulling them apart. Do not mix with hot drinks.

  • Content:

    125 capsules of 190 mg colostrum, 40 µg folic acid

    • Colostrum concentrate (milk) 99.8%, folic acid. Capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose

      Nutritional information :

      • Colostrum concentrate 950 mg with immunoglobulin G 190 mg
      • Folic acid 200 µg. 100%

      * Daily requirement coverage with 5 capsules as a percentage of the reference amount for the daily intake



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