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CiMi Hair Tonic 100 ml

by Cimi
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  • Cimi Hair Tonic is a cosmeceutical hair tonic that fights hair loss at its roots. Common cause is the insufficient supply of the hair roots with the cell's own energy, Adenosintriphosohat - briefly called ATP.
    Cimi contains a special combination with Cimicifuga extract (Biohormon), aloe vera, nettle extract and a Vitamin complex, through which much needed ATP is produced. A unique, patented micro-emulsion as a carrier system of Cimi able to transport the drug combination optimally up to the basal layer, that is down to the hair roots.

  • once daily for 3-5 minutes massage into dry hair. Since the hair grows slowly and the structure of the hair begins in the root, Cimi should apply 3-4 months daily.