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Cetron Cleaning Powder 25x15 g

Cetron Cleaning Powder 25x15 g

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  • Cetron® cleaning powder acts as an optimal cleaning agent that cleans and maintains permanently in next to no time. All prosthetic and orthodontic appliances can be cleaned, freed of deposits and refreshed. Especially for cleaning braces, splints, dentures and mouth guards. 

    Contact with food, beverages, medicines and the individual oral environment lead to deposits, discoloration or impaired odor and taste in splints, braces and prostheses during the period of wearing.

    • Mix the contents of the bag with approx. 150 ml water, rinse the cleaning object under running water and insert.
    • Approx. Leave on for 30 minutes. Solution can be used for 3 to 4 days.
    • Remove loosened deposits with a brush and rinse the object again.
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