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Cetaphil PRO RednessControl Cream for Treatment of Symptoms 30 ml

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  • Cetaphil® PRO RednessControl cream for symptom treatment is an effective treatment of rosacea-induced facial redness through the unique anti-redness complex.

    Cetaphil RednessControl is a medical device to effectively treat symptoms of rosacea, such as facial flushing, itching, stinging and burning. The innovative face cream protects your sensitive skin, thanks to a unique anti-redness building just external triggers of facial redness and reduces the redness and visible sustained. Cetaphil RednessControl cream helps stressed skin by vitamin E to relax and ensures a pleasant skin feel.

    - In facial flushing
    - When signs of rosacea, e.g. Itching, stinging or burning of the skin
    - To protect the delicate facial skin from external factors, such as Wind or cold, UV radiation

    What exactly is rosacea?
    In rosacea is a chronic skin disease in the redness of the face of the persons concerned are involved. The skin is very sensitive and reacts irritably to external influences such as Wind, cold and sunlight. Rosacea is a common skin disease among adults. Affected feel in addition to redness often a stinging or burning sensation on the skin. Cetaphil RednessControl cream helps combat the symptoms of rosacea and reduces redness of the skin visible already after 2 weeks.

    As Cetaphil RednessControl cream for symptom treatment works
    Through its unique anti-redness complex Cetaphil RednessControl cream protects the skin effectively from irritation and external triggers for facial redness. The effectiveness of the composition is belegt by clinical studies. In addition donates Cetaphil cream RednessControl soothing moisture and vitamin E and relaxed so the skin and leaves a pleasant skin feel.

  • Distribute Cetaphil RednessControl cream 1-2 times daily in the morning and later in the day but not at night before going to bed, even by circular movements on the face. Then make-up can be used as needed.

  • personal care  Avobenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate, dioctyl, hydroxypropyl chitosan, potassium palmitoyl wheat protein hydrolyzate, Bemotrizinol, Azeloyldiglycinat potassium, ~ ~ CDL c \ a63-tocopherol acetate   excipients Palmitate, glycerol stearate SE, xanthan gum, ethanol, denatured, 2-phenylethanol, cetylstearyl alcohol, (RS) octane--diol, glycerol, water, purified, citric acid, anhydrous, lecithin, CDL ~ ~ c- \ a63 tocopherol