Cetaphil Pro Itch Control Protect Hand Cream 50 ml

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  • The new special care products from Cetaphil - Itch Control for itchy and dry skin
    The Cetaphil® PRO Itch Control care concept for the hands consists of cleaning, protection and care. It helps your stressed hands to form a soft, smooth skin. All products are applicable and fragrance-free in the food industry.
    - Protective, fast-absorbing hand cream for the day
    - Protects against irritating detergents
    - Strengthens resistance and protective barrier of hands
    - Protects contaminated hands with ACH and glycerin *

  • personal care
    - Jojoba wax, liquid
    - (2-ethylhexyl) palmitate
    - DL-?-tocopherol
    - glycerol
    - excipients
    - Dialuminiumchloridpentahydroxid
    - Polyethylene glycol (20) stearyl ether
    - Paraffin, viscous
    - n-Docosanol
    - Ceteth-10
    - Water, purified
    - dimethicone

  • active ingredients: Jojoba wax, liquid, glycerol, dimethicone   excipients Dialuminiumchloridpentahydroxid, polyethylene glycol (20) stearyl ether, paraffin, viscous, n-docosanol, ceteth-10, purified water

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