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Canina Petvital Arthro Tabs 60 pcs

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  • The Arthro tablets contain vitamins, minerals and dried plants. These ingredients have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the bones and weak joints are strengthened and resilient again. Aging processes are slowed down by supporting the natural ion balance of the bone tissue and the elasticity of bones and tendons is increased. The plant extracts it contains support the bones and joints in their natural function.

    • Specific feed supplement made from minerals, vitamins and dried plants to strengthen the joint system
    • Favorable influence on bone metabolism
    • Weak joints are strengthened and resilient again
    • Aging processes of the joints are slowed down by the support of the natural ion balance of the bone tissue.
    • Bone and tendon tissue become firm or elastic again
    • To support bone regeneration, for example after a deworming cure and in the event of growth disorders

    Willow bark / Comfrey root: Used to support the bones, joints and connective tissue.
    Vitamin E:
    As an antioxidant, it intercepts free radicals and acts as a cell protection vitamin.
    Vitamin B1:
    is essential for the transmission of nerve impulses.
    is important for blood formation, oxygen transport and muscle activity.
    Is involved in the development of blood, in the formation of hair pigments and in the development of cartilage.
    Supports cell growth and division.

  • Feeding recommendation per animal and day:

    Puppies / young dogs and kittens / young cats:
    2 tablets per 10kg body weight (max 12 tablets), spread over the day for a month. Repeat the treatment after 6 months.

    Adult dogs / cats:
    5 tablets per 10kg body weight (maximum 20 tablets), spread over the day for three months. Repeat this treatment once a year.

  • maltodextrin, cellulose, willow bark (Salix), comfrey root (Symphytum), milkweed (euphorbia)

    crude ash 5.0%, crude protein 2.7%, crude fat 1.1%, crude fiber 19.7%, HCI-insoluble ash 1.1%