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20% off on Eucerin

Canikur Tablets (Pet) 3x4 pcs

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  • Canikur Tablets Vet. Diet food for dogs for the regulation of bowel function in dogs with diarrhea

    Important note:
    It is recommended that you seek the advice of a veterinarian before using or extending the feeding time.

    Canikur® - the practical diet feed for the regulation of bowel function in diarrheal diseases in the form of a chewable tablet.
    Glucose and electrolytes

    Rapid rehydration and compensation of the loss of electrolytes

    Increase in fluid resorption through the supply of glucose-containing electrolyte solutions. Through the active, joint transport of glucose and sodium in the intestinal epithelium, water is absorbed as a result of the osmotic gradient.
    Sodium bicarbonate and disodium citrate

    Avoid acidosis

    Rapid buffering effect from sodium bicarbonate and delayed buffering effect from disodium citrate (disodium citrate is metabolized in the body to sodium bicarbonate).

    Elimination of toxins and protection of the mucous membrane

    The adsorbents kaolin, sepiolite * and citrus pulp (source of pectin) bind and inactivate toxins. At the same time, the mucous membrane is protected ("sealed").

  • The respective dose should, if necessary, be given up to 4 times with an interval of 8 - 12 hours (or 2 times a day).

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