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Calshake Bag Strawberry Powder 7x87 g

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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Calshake® strawberry is a high calorie drinking food for use with increased energy requirements

    • Drinking food in powder form
    • High calorie (1.9 kcal / ml)
    • Virtually free from fiber
    • Contains lactose
    • Gluten free

    This is a package of 1 box, 7 sachets 

  • 1-3 sachets per day to supplement normal, parenteral and / or enteral nutrition

    The stated recommended daily amount must not be exceeded.

    Storage: Store
    cool (6-25 ° C) and protected from light. Keep out of reach of children.


    Strawberry: fat powder (vegetable fat: palm oil, dried glucose syrup, milk protein ), dextrose, maltodextrin, skimmed milk powder , MCT powder (medium-chain triglycerides, milk protein , dried glucose syrup), sugar, flavor (with lactose ), color (E 162), calcium carbonate .

    energy 795kJ / 190kCal
    protein 3.8g
    carbohydrates 22g
    of which sugars 13.5g
    of which lactose 4.4g
    fat 9.6g
    hereof: saturated fatty acids 6.4g
    Fiber <0.1g
    Osmolarity 910 mosmol / l
    Minerals and trace elements
    sodium 63mg
    potassium 260mg
    calcium 147mg
    magnesium 12mg
    phosphorus 140mg