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Essential Calendula Oil 50 ml

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  • The calendula oil or marigold oil is obtained (macerated) from the calendula flowers with the help of a vegetable oil such as soybean oil. There they release their nourishing ingredients into the oil. The light yellow to orange-red ray flowers of the marigold (Calendula officin. L.) are used. The oil is relatively odorless and orange in color. Marigold oil has a blood circulation, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

    • versatile
    • stimulates blood circulation
    • anti-inflammatory
    • Made with non-genetically modified soybean oil
  • The active ingredient oil has proven to be very useful for all cosmetic formulations for dry, sensitive, rough, cracked and flaky skin. The aging skin is protected from dehydration. Baby creams with calendula oil protect the skin from becoming sore. Used in skin and hand creams, calendula oil nourishes and removes cracked and chapped skin.

  • Glycine Soja Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Tocopherol, Beta-carotene

    Further information
    Vegetable oils are natural, fatty oils that are obtained from seeds, nuts, leaves or flowers by various methods of extraction such as mechanical pressing or steam distillation. Vegetable oils are required for the production of creams and lotions, but can also be used pure for external care. Spinnrad offers you a large selection of vegetable oils that are suitable for the treatment of various skin types and skin problems and as a base or additive for yourself made cosmetics. Oils that have an additional, special effect are not used pure but only added in small quantities to cosmetics or other oils. Applied alone, they would be too effective, too intense in color or fragrance, or simply too expensive.