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Double Discount: extra 20% off on all Eucerin products. Use code 20EUCERIN

Calcium Tablets Vet. 1 kg

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  • Description
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  • Single feed for dogs - pure calcium preparation with 27% calcium - without phosphorus.
    For the adult dog with a predominantly fresh meat diet.
    1,000 g = approx. 800 tablets

    Calcium is vital for the supply of the dog.
    Calcium is needed in the organism:

    - For normal blood clotting
    - To maintain the function of the muscles
    - For strong teeth
    - For the formation and maintenance of the skeleton
    - To protect against osteoporosis
    - To reduce allergic tendencies
    - The adult dog needs calcium every day for a balanced metabolism.
    - In pregnant and lactating bitches, it is advisable to double the dosage.
    - For puppies and young dogs, we recommend Canina's puppy lime.

  • Feeding recommendation per animal and day:

    up to 10 kg:
    in dry food: 1 tablet
    in wet food: 1 tablet
    in home-made food: 3 tablets
    up to 20 kg:
    in dry food: 2 tablets
    in wet food: 3 tablets
    in home-made food: 4 tablets l
    over 20 kg:
    in dry food: 4 tablets
    in wet food: 5 tablets
    in home-made food: 6 tablets

    For pregnant bitches:
    From the 30th day of gestation, the dosage should be doubled.
    For lactating bitches:
    4 puppies = 2 x maintenance needs
    4-6 puppies = 4 x maintenance needs
    more than 6 puppies = 5 x maintenance requirements
    For the puppy and young dog:
    it is recommended to feed the more suitable 'Canina puppy lime'.

  • Calcium carbonate, yeast.

    Content of ingredients:
    Calcium (from natural limestone): 27%
    Hydrochloric acid insoluble ash: 5%