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Secret VIP Sale. Reveal your discount at Checkout. Use Code: SECRET

Maxtra Filter Cartridges 6-Pack

by Brita
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Original price €41,70
€41,70 - €41,70
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  • Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridges uses Maxtra + MicroFlow Technology, it reduces calcification and lead-related metals such as lead and copper chloride and other substances that affect the taste of the water. With 6 Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridges you can enjoy tasty water for up to 24 weeks. Effective reduction of lime, chlorine, metals and more.

    In the 60s, Heinz Hankammer founded Brita, inspired by the name of his daughter. The idea behind is: optimize tap water. First for car batteries and shortly after for home. In 1970, he launched the first table water filter and patented it. What had originally started as a production in one's own garden developed into an international company in the course of 50 years.

    The first table water filter - officially called Household Water Filter I - was a funnel placed on a transparent container. A simple but functional concept. The shape of the funnel and the bright orange color embodied the style of the 70s. The filtration principle was absolutely visionary. Hankammer used an ion exchanger and activated charcoal to reduce limescale as well as odor and odor-disturbing substances. The result was soft, better tasting water. At that time like today.