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Primavera Atmewohl Organic Fragrance Blend 5 ml

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  • Primavera Atmewohl Organic Fragrance Blend has a fine-scented composition of eucalyptus and spruce needle strengthens and increases well-being. Especially in the cold season, an aromatic bath warms the body for a long time.

    Conscious breathing is - especially in stressful times - an important component for health and well-being. Even in the cold season, preventive care is very important in order to feel a warm feeling of wellbeing even at low temperatures.

    The finely scented composition of the Primavera Atmewohl Organic Fragrance Blend made from 100% pure natural essential oils strengthens and increases wellbeing. Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates conscious breathing and gives you a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. Essential spruce needle oil strengthens and vitalizes. As a bath additive, for example mixed in salt, the fragrance mixture unfolds its beneficial effect. An aromatic bath warms the body for a long time and gives you new strength. The ideal bathing temperature is 35–38 ° C.

    Consciously enjoy the liberating effect of 100% pure natural essential oils.

    • EUKALYPTUS GLOBULUS BIO cleansing, strengthening, refreshing
    • SPRUCE NEEDLE BIO strengthening, activating

    Fragrance effect vitalizing
    quality Organic, NATRUE organic cosmetics, vegan, IHTN

    For a full bath, mix a maximum of 10 drops of the fragrance mixture in 3 tablespoons of sea salt and add to the already run bath water.

    Fragrance profile fresh

  • Mix a liberating and strengthening body oil for your children. For children under 6 years of age, add 3 to 4 drops to 50 ml of organic almond oil.

  • Eucalyptus globulus * organic, rosemary camphor * organic, spruce needles * organic, including 100% pure natural essential oils
    * bio / org = certified organic cultivation
    ** natural components 100% pure natural essential oils