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Primavera Atmewohl Smell Stick Bio 10 ml

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Original price €13,99
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  • Primavera Atmewohl Smell Stick Bio is specially fresh and vitalizing. The refreshing and invigorating scent of eucalyptus, spruce needles and peppermint is always with you in a practical stick - aromatherapy to go.

    Conscious breathing is an important part of health and wellbeing. Especially in the cold season and in stressful everyday life, it is a relief to have a pleasant fragrance experience. 100% pure natural essential oils from eucalyptus, spruce needles and peppermint strengthen and support conscious breathing. In the practical stick, the fine fragrance can be taken anywhere and is immediately ready for use at any time. With the help of the stick near the nose, the essential oils develop their fine fragrance, which has a positive effect on body, mind and soul and ensures a natural feeling of wellbeing.

    In the sealed pouch, the essential oils in the stick are protected from environmental influences, cannot escape and you always receive a fresh product with at least 12 weeks of fragrance.

    Since the Atmewohl Smell Stick is mainly used in the cold season, we consciously decided against refillable product packaging for reasons of hygiene.

    • EUKALYPTUS GLOBULUS BIO refreshing, cleansing
    • PEPPERMINT ORGANIC activating, refreshing
      Fragrance effect vitalizing
      quality Organic, NATRUE organic cosmetics, vegan, IHTN (All living beings are important to us. That is why we make sure not to use any animal raw materials. This product is vegan and does not contain any animal raw materials.)
  • Open the stick by twisting it, hold it directly under your nose and take a deep breath. Use several times a day as needed. Feel the liberating power of 100% pure natural essential oils.

  • Organic eucalyptus globules *, organic peppermint *, organic spruce needles *, including 100% pure natural essential oils