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Bonyplus Denture Repair Kit 1 set

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Original price €45,95
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  • Bonyplus Denture Repair Kit 1 set for quick repairs to dentures. 

    The Bony Plus repair kit consists of 3 components:
    special adhesive, powder and liquid.

    No matter when and on what occasion your denture breaks, you will have your denture repaired within a few minutes.

    Anyone who has experienced a denture fracture knows how uncomfortable this situation is.

    If it happens at the weekend, on vacation or before an important appointment, then the need is great.

    If the dentist you trust is not around, the BonyPlus repair kit will help in an emergency .

    Why do dental prostheses break
    The enormous stress when chewing and the poor fit of a dental prosthesis, caused by changes in the upper or lower jaw, favor the breakage of a dental prosthesis.

    Without manual dexterity
    With the repair set from BonyPlus you can repair fractures, cracks or artificial teeth that have broken out of the dental prosthesis yourself in a very short time.

    When the dentist you trust is far away
    The BonyPlus repair kit in your first -aid kit gives you the security you need. You no longer need to worry about having to spend a weekend without dentures. More and more dentists are also offering immediate repairs with the as a new serviceRepair kit from BonyPlus .

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