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Blend A Dent Super Adhesive Cream - Neutral 40 ml

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  • Good adhesive creams generally increase the adhesion and comfort of the dentures - even with well-fitting dentures. They protect the sensitive oral mucosa from pressure points and help prevent food particles from getting under the prosthesis.

    With the blend-a-dent® Super Adhesive Cream Extra Strong for your third party, you can rely on the test winner from Stiftung Warentest - with an overall rating of "good" (1.8). The examiners certified that it had the best adhesive properties. In addition, good tolerability was found. Its application properties were also rated “good”: the soft consistency, the fresh taste and the pleasant feeling in the mouth. For more security when eating, speaking and smiling - and therefore more self-confidence.

    The correct use of the blend-a-dent® Super Adhesive Cream Extra Strong

    • Thoroughly clean and dry your dentures before applying the adhesive cream.
    • Apply the blend-a-dent® Super Adhesive Cream Extra Strong in strips or at points
    • When doing this, leave the edges of the denture exposed and only use as much cream as necessary.
    • Insert the denture and press firmly for a few seconds
    • Wait a few minutes before eating or drinking anything.
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