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Organic Spirulina Microalgae Powder 125 g

Organic Spirulina Microalgae Powder 125 g

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  • Biospirulina Microalgae Powder is a dietary supplement in organic quality. Because of its easily digestible form, the tiny Spirulina microalgae provides its nutrients particularly well. Like higher plants, it does not have cellulose cell walls, but is only covered by a layer of multiple sugars. Spirulina is contains vitamin A, vitamin K and iron.

    - 100% spirulina microalgae
    - 100% vegetable / vegan
    -  without any additives
    -  gluten, lactose and iodine free

    The substances contained contribute to:

    • for the normal function of the immune system (Vit. A, iron)
    • to reduce tiredness and fatigue (iron)
    • to maintain normal bones (Vit. K)
    • for normal cognitive function (iron)
    • for normal blood clotting (Vit. K)
    • for the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin (iron)
    • normal energy metabolism (iron)
    • normal oxygen transport in the body (iron)
    • to maintain normal skin and mucous membranes (Vit. A)

  • Consume 1 measuring spoon of powder daily in fruit / vegetable juices or in food.

  • 100% Spirulina platensis microalgae powder *
    *from controlled organic cultivation DE-ÖKO-001 Taiwan / India agriculture



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