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Biomaris Active Pimples Cream 30 ml

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  • Biomaris Active Pimples Cream is the solution for adolescent skin problems: Helps reliably at pimples and irritated problem skin.
    The unique active care with a drug combination of a seaweed extract, zinc oxide and Ichthyol acts as a disinfectant and normalizes the sebaceous secretion of the pores.
     • Irritant soothing and anti-inflammatory cream
     • Normalizes the sebaceous secretion of the pores
     • Disinfecting and antibacterial effect
    Biomaris Active Pimples Cream is suitable for the following skin types:

    Combination skin: When mixed skin of the forehead, nose and chin shows - the so-called T-zone - a clear greasy, the cheek area, however, is rather dry. The oily skin with large pores act and often considerably thickened by the overproduction of sebaceous glands.
    Oily skin: Oily skin shows a clear gloss by an overproduction of sebaceous glands. It is often large pores and seemingly poor circulation. Oily skin is prone to small impurities, resulting also blackheads can occur in individual cases. It is against environmental influences less sensitive, does not age as quickly and hardly forms wrinkles.
    Impure problem skin: Blemished skin problem is due to the plant and is usually caused by a hormonal change in the organism. Often this skin shows only at puberty, some people, however, have to fight for life with pimples and blackheads. The sebaceous glands of blemished skin but too much fat off and clog the pores. So it comes to unsightly skin lesions.
    Biomaris Active Pimples Cream is one of the top product of Biomaris young skin care line. Innovative care for a flawless complexion and radiant appearance. Young skin is naturally beautiful. It is elastic, protected neither too dry nor too rich and well to environmental influences. However, with the onset of puberty it tends by increased sebaceous gland function to pimples.
    The products of the young line are specifically designed for young skin. They compensate tend oily combination skin and maintain deep down based on valuable ingredients from the sea.

    Of the tooth and lip balm on deodorants to hand care Biomaris offers quality products for a fresh and neat appearance here. Salt of powerful sea water, nourishing oils and mild agents for daily care. For the refreshing kick in the morning and throughout the day! Sea salt, sea water, mild and valuable oils are the basis of these products for daily care.

  • Apply the cream in the evening after a thorough cleansing and disinfection with Biomaris cool cleansing tonic to the affected areas of skin on.