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Biomaris Acne Concealer Cover Stick

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  • Biomaris Acne Concealer is a skin-colored pencil that covers redness and blemishes perfectly. It has an antimicrobial effect and makes small inflammations heal faster.

    Highlights of Biomaris Acne Concealer:

    • flesh-colored pencil
    • covers pimples and scars
    • accelerates the healing of small inflammations
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antimicrobially effective

    After first opening, Biomaris Acne Concealer is stable for at least 12 months.

    Biomaris Acne Concealer is suitable for the following skin types:

    Normal skin
    The sebaceous glands of normal skin produce neither too much nor too little fat. The skin feels soft, firm and elastic. It is well supplied with blood, fine pores and free of impurities.

    Combination skin
    In the combination skin, the forehead, nose and chin area - the so-called T-zone - shows a pronounced greasy shine, while the cheek area is rather dry. The oily parts of the skin have a large pore and are often thickened due to the overproduction of the sebaceous glands.

    Oily skin
    Oily skin shows a clear shine through an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. She is often large-pored and seemingly poorly supplied with blood. Oily skin tends to small impurities, which can also lead to blackheads in individual cases. It is less sensitive to environmental influences, does not age so quickly and hardly forms wrinkles.

    Impure problem skin
    Impure problem skin is plant-related and is usually caused by a hormonal change in the organism. Often, this epidermis shows only in puberty, some people, however, have a lifetime of pimples and blackheads to fight. The sebaceous glands of the impure skin are too much fat and clog the pores. So it comes to the ugly skin symptoms.

    Biomaris Acne Concealer is a product of the skin care line:

    young line
    Innovative care for a flawless complexion and radiant appearance.
    Of course, young skin is beautiful. It is elastic, neither too dry nor too fat and well protected against environmental influences. With the onset of puberty, however, it tends to pimples due to increased sebaceous gland function.

    The products of the young line are specially tailored to the young skin. They tend to compensate for greasy combination skin and care deeply effective based on valuable ingredients from the sea.

  • Dab the concealer on the affected skin.