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Bioloire H4 Lady Hair Lotion for Gray Hair 150ml

Bioloire H4 Lady Hair Lotion for Gray Hair 150ml

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  • BIOLOIRE H4 Hair Lotion is formulated carefully with all active components are perfectly matched and are constantly reviewed. It does not contain harsh chemicals. 

    BIOLOIRE H4 works with the natural components of the hair where melanin in the hair were once active. It develops novel, like the melanin pigments, and reintroduce hair color gradually and unobtrusively. The consistent application of the gray hair has (depending on hair structure) gradually a natural-looking hair color. 

    Nourishes and strengthens hair it contains valuable care ingredients that protect the hair and strong. Pro-vitamin B5 penetrates deep into the hair and repairs so brittle and damaged hair. Elemental sulfur is incorporated into the hair keratin. It is light haarfestigend, but not greasy. The result is noticeably smooth and naturally shiny hair

    Why hair begins to turn gray?
    The mainly consisting of proteins contain hair called melanin that are responsible for the different natural hair colors. The particular color of each hair is due to the different high levels of melanin pigments in the hair, that is much dark hair has more melanin in their hair than blonde hair. When the amount of melanin is reduced, the hair begins to turn gray.

  • It is clean and simple to use as a hair tonic. No mixing, no gloves, no cumbersome staining procedure. The bottle Shake well, then lightly moisten the graying hair sections , massage, comb through briefly with the fingertips - that's it. Practical, fast, uncomplicated. The date of application determined by you. Importantly,  possible to dry or well frottiertes hair to apply (after shampooing). Then dry or blow-dry your hair as usual. With daily use, short-haired need experience shows 2 bottles to regaining your natural looking hair color. If the desired color even reached (usually after about 3 weeks), enough to get the hue 3-4 applications per week usually. The total consumption of the product varies depending on hair length, thickness and structure. NOT FOR COLORED HAIR

  • Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 20, Sulfur, Bismuth Citrate, panthenol, sorbitol, Alchol Denat., Glycolic Acid, perfume



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