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Bees Ointment

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  • Bergland Bees Ointment is versatile and 100% natural

    Bergland Bees Ointment consists of natural care and active ingredients: natural beeswax, propolis, natural, essential oils, cold-pressed vegetable oils and honey. This high quality formula nourishes chapped, flaky and dry skin as well as brittle lips. It strengthens the protective function and resistance of the skin. Bergland Bees Ointment is therefore particularly well suited for the care and protection of irritated, dry and sensitive skin.

    100% natural and pure: without petroleum products such as paraffin and Vaseline, without artificial perfume, without preservatives, without raw materials from the dead animal, without artificial colors.

    Nature helps the skin best.
    Bergland Bees Ointment is extremely versatile in use: it eases blemishes on the face and nourishes dry lips and corners of the mouth. But also the hands and feet and chapped cuticle does the ointment well. Bergland Bees Ointment relieves insect bites and minor skin injuries, eczema, itching, mild psoriasis and sunburns. It is also ideal for skin care of children.

    Bergland Bees Ointment will be applied to the skin several times a day. Special success arises with regular, several months of application. Bergland bee salve is well tolerated and is extremely economical in consumption.