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Secret VIP Sale. Reveal your discount at Checkout. Use Code: SECRET

Bepanthen Eye Drops 2 x 10 ml

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Original price €26,90
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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Bepanthen Eye Drops is designed for moisturizing, soothing and caring for dry, red, itchy or burning eyes

    • Stabilization of the tear film and protection of the eye from a feeling of dryness
    • Without preservatives and phosphates
    • Simultaneous application of the drops with hard and soft contact lenses possible
    • Ideal for on the go, also suitable for contact lens wearers
    • "artificial tears"


    Bepanthen eye drops contain no preservatives and are also suitable for use with soft or hard contact lenses. 

  • To make the use of Bepanthen® eye drops easier, you should slightly lower your head and pull the lower eyelid down slightly with one hand.

    With the second hand, hold the opened bottle downwards and let - with light pressure - a drop fall into the conjunctival sac (between the inner side of the lower eyelid and the eye). The soft-touch bottle makes it easier to use.

    Then slowly close and open the eye so that the liquid is evenly distributed on the eye surface.

    You can repeat the application three to five times a day. Make sure that neither the hands nor the eye touch the bottle opening during application, otherwise contamination may occur.

  • Active Ingredients:
    20 mg dexpanthenol
    1.50 mg Hyaluronic acid, sodium salt

    Auxiliary Materials:
    Water for injection
    Sodium chloride
    Sodium citrate
    Citric acid