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Order €120+, Get Extra 5% Off With Code: WEEKEND

Benevi Neutral Eyelid Cream 15 ml

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Original price €20,80
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  • BENEVI Neutral eyelid cream is a reventive eyelid care against skin irritation and eyelid eczema. BENEVI NEUTRAL® is a product line for the daily body cleaning and care of sensitive, allergy-prone skin. The skin-friendliness of the individual products has been confirmed in clinical tests. The basis for the good tolerance are selected low-irritation ingredients in connection with modern recipes.

    Basically, the products contain no fragrances or dyes, no paraben compounds, no organic chlorine or bromine compounds, no alkaline soaps. Due to their skin-neutral pH, they stabilize the skin's natural protective acid mantle and thereby reduce the risk of skin reactions and skin damage. Regular use reduces symptoms such as red spots, itching and rashes and prevents them from developing.

    Product advantages:

    • Highly concentrated panthenol (5%) and hyaluronic acid provide additional hydration.
    • Vitamin E provides protection against oxidation.
    • The slightly spreading oils avoid eye contact.
    • In addition, the eye-neutral pH value of 7 increases the good tolerance for the eyes.
    • Has a lipid content of 29% (system O / W)
    • Promotes the barrier function of healthy skin with the PBA care formula.
    • Good skin compatibility by avoiding ingredients that are harmful to the skin: Free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives, wool wax, mineral oils, and silicone
  • Apply to the skin of the upper and lower eyelids at least once a day.

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