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Basen-aktiv Acid Balance Mineral Herbal Extract Powder 90 g

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  • Basen-Aktiv® mineral herbal extract powder to supply the body with minerals such as zinc for an active acid balance

    Basen-Aktiv® mineral herbal extract powder – naturally in balance Would you like to do something good for your body and ensure more well-being and balance? Then it is worth taking a look at the acid-base balance. It may need support for its balance due to stress, lack of exercise or food containing fat and protein. Here you can rely on the Basen-Aktiv® mineral herbal extract powder : The zinc it contains contributes to active acid balance - magnesium, calcium and potassium support regeneration and energy.

    The advantages of the Basen-Aktiv® mineral herbal extract powder:

    • Herbal boost for naturalness and joy
    • Active acid balance through zinc
    • Very productive and highly concentrated
    • Clean recipe: without the addition of flavors or sweeteners and free of lactose, yeast and purine
    • Particularly mild taste
    • Leaves a pleasant feeling in the mouth

    Since the Basen-Aktiv® mineral herb extract powder contains valuable minerals in the form of citrates, the ingredients have good bioavailability. Zinc supports the body in the acid-base balance ). The unique “ herbal boost for naturalness and joy ” with twelve basic herbs and vegetables ensures a pleasantly mild taste and a good feeling. This combination is particularly recommended for herbal lovers and purists who want to do something for active acid balance ) and strive for natural balance and well-being.

  • Simply add a slightly heaped measuring spoon (equivalent to three grams) to a glass of water once a day and stir vigorously. Then drink the contents of the glass quickly. By the way: the dosing spoon is already included in the package.

  • Calcium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Herbal Dry Extract (6.8%) (From Spinach, Lemon Balm Leaves, Dandelion Leaves, Blackberry Leaves, Carrots, Real Goldenrod, Turmeric, Green Oat, Artichoke Leaves, Milk Thistle Fruits, Birch Leaves, Lime Blossom), Zinc Citrate.