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Verla Basepowder Capsules 60 cap

by Verla
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    • Verla Basepowder Capsules is a balanced combination of minerals and trace elements that supports the regulation of the acid-base balanceAll metabolic processes and bodily functions depend on a balanced ratio of acids and bases. To maintain this balance, the body has, among other things, buffer systems that can neutralize too much acids or bases. With the usual diet, an excess of acid-forming substances is supplied. This includes primarily animal foods such as meat, sausage, milk and dairy products, but also cereal products. 

      The most important base suppliers are fruits and vegetables. Other possible reasons for an excess of acid are incorrect eating habits (too fast, too late in the evening, or too much at once), too little physical activity or fasting and dieting.

      Purely vegetable capsule shell, without gelatine - also ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
      Without gluten, sugar, lactose, colorings, flavorings and sweeteners.

    • Take 2 capsules daily with sufficient liquid.

    • Minerals / trace elements (Daily) portion - 2 capsules [% *]
      potassium 300 mg [15%]
      Calcium 200 mg [25%]
      magnesium 100 mg [27%]
      zinc 5 mg [50%]
      copper 0.5 mg [50%]
      selenium 27.5 µg [50%]
      chrome 20 µg [50%]
      molybdenum 25 µg [50%]
      *% = Percent of the recommended daily amount for an adult according to LMIV