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Ballistol Oil Cleaning Wipes 10 pcs

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  • Here you can find the practical cleaning wipes with Ballistol Universal Oil. Packaged neatly and individually, the wipes are ideal for in-between and on the go, for cleaning shoes, for hunting or hand care and of course for all other purposes for which you have always used Ballistol.

    Ballistol Universal Oil from Klever is one of the few alkaline oils. As an alkaline oil and spray, Ballistol Universal Oil is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Ballistol maintains, lubricates, disinfects, protects against rust, crawls into the finest corners, does not become gummy even after years, is completely biodegradable, food-safe and skin-friendly. Due to its composition, Ballistol cannot resinify and, thanks to its pharmaceutically pure ingredients, is also approved for parts in contact with the product in the food industry.

    Ballistol Universal Oil is widely used in the following areas:

    • Do-it-yourselfers, industry and crafts
    • Car and motorcycle
    • Household and garden
    • Wood and leather care
    • Anglers, hunters and shooters
  • Oil : Ballistol is a rust protection, lubricating oil, care product and cleaning agent with high creeping and disinfecting properties. Ballistol does not resinify, does not age, penetrates even the finest capillary cracks and dissolves residues such as resins from unsuitable oils. No other oil is as versatile.

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