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Ballistol Animal Liquidum Vet. 100 ml

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  • For the natural and gentle care of all pets, pets and farm animals. 

    Post-wound treatment: BALLISTOL Animal acts as a high-quality care oil on the fur or skin, making it soft and supple. The oil is therefore ideal for post-wound treatment to care for and protect the new skin and to prevent scarring.

    Saddle pressure: Saddle pressure is treated in the same way. In favorable cases, the pressure point has already disappeared the next day. Note: If the saddle pressure has already injured the skin and wounds are visible, please contact your veterinarian.

    Sweet itch : The widespread sweet itch in horses can be treated in the same way as post-wound treatment: after the acute wound has healed, the skin is kept soft and supple by using BALLISTOL Animal and hair growth is encouraged again.

    Relief of itching: The valuable essential oils contained in BALLISTOL Animal together with the high-quality skin care oils also provide relief from itching, such as skin irritations or insect bites.

    Has a disinfecting effect : BALLISTOL Animal is germ-free, has a disinfecting effect and is completely harmless if ingested accidentally (licking the fur).


    • Cares for sensitive chafing areas
    • With depth effect
    • For wound treatment
    • For skin and paw care
    • Gentle ear cleaning
    • Ideal tail, coat and hoof care
    • completely harmless in case of "accidental" ingestion
    • Recommended by independent vets
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