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Transpulmin Baby Balm Mild 40 ml

Transpulmin Baby Balm Mild 40 ml

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  • Transpulmin Baby Balsam Mild is for the little ones with a cold. Babies and toddlers suffer from a cold much more than adults. If the nose is blocked, they get little air because they are still nose breathers.

    Here the baby balm helps with its balanced combination of essential oils of lavender, star anise and thyme to contribute to the relaxation and greater well-being. It is gently rubbed on the chest and back. It produced during massaging a soothing scent of essential oils which gives the child relax and calm in addition.

    The balm feels comfortable on the skin and absorbs well. With the valuable formulation of essential oils of lavender, star anise and thyme. The method of administration of the balm for children depends on the type, severity and course of the disease

  • Several times a day apply on the chest and back and gently massage.

  • active ingredients: Dexpanthenol, avocado oil, natives, star anise oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, DL - and alpha; tocopherol acetate additives: D-limonene, disodium edetate, linalool, xanthan gum, glycerol stearate citrate, cetylstearyl alcohol, coumarin Apryl / caprin / myristin / stearic acid triglyceride, citronellol, dioctyl ether, glycerol monostearate, caustic soda solution for pH adjustment Geraniol, triglyceride, medium chain Water, purified, glycerin



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