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Askinel Adler Pharma Skincare & Protection Cream 50 ml

Askinel Adler Pharma Skincare & Protection Cream 50 ml

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  • The new composition will inspire you. All emulsifiers are of vegetable origin and guarantee the best stability while being wonderfully skin-friendly.

    Askinel is a cold and skin protection cream for being outdoors and doing sports. Due to the content of highly diluted minerals combined with valuable vegetable oils (almond oil and avocado oil) as well as beeswax, Askinel is suitable for the daily care of cracked and dry skin areas.
    Hard, annoying scars, but also hardened tendons, become softer and more supple through regular massage with Askinel.

    The topical agents basically have the advantage that the active ingredients arrive directly at the treatment site without any detours. Ointments are used when the affected areas of skin need a supply of fat because the skin is too dry (low in fat), cracked or rough.

    In addition, the action of the minerals in the ointments lasts longer because ointments are not absorbed as quickly.

  • as required, 2-3 times a day

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