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M.Asam Mega Sale
M.Asam Mega Sale

Apiserum Special Drinkable Ampoules Of Royal Jelly 24X5 ml

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  • APISERUM SPEZIAL drinking ampoules with royal jelly invigorate and vitalize. Without alcohol, they are ideal for children and diabetics.

    Royal jelly is the feed juice of the queen bee and has always been considered a biologically highly active concentrate rich in:

    • Vitamins
    • amino acids
    • Minerals
    • Trace elements

    Taking Ryoale jelly has a positive effect on the organism and increases:

    • immunity
    • vitality
    • Efficiency

  • Shake the ampoule well before consumption. Pour the content of the ampoule pure, mixed with a little water or fruit juice into a glass. Take one ampoule daily, preferably in the morning.

    It is recommended to divide 1 ampoule for 1-2 applications in the 2 and 3 year old. From the age of 3 years, it is recommended to take it as a cure (1 ampoule for 24 days).

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