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Double Discount: extra 20% off on all Eucerin products. Use code 20EUCERIN

Allgäuer Latschenkiefer Pine Rubbing Alcohol 250 ml

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Original price €13,99
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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Allgäuer Latschenkiefer Franzbranntwein Extra Strong has become a widely used rubbing alcohol in Europe in just a few years. It refreshes tired legs & to support normal blood circulation in the skin. It is used to support rheumatic complaints, peripheral circulatory disorders, sports injuries, muscle tension, cervicacal syndrome and nocturnal calf cramps. It stimulates blood circulation, is pleasantly cooling and penetrates the affected tissue.

    • Tension
    • aching
    • Back pain
    • Joint pain

    As the only rubbing alcohol with a hypoallergy certificate, Allgäuer Latschenkiefer rubbing alcohol can also be safely used by allergy sufferers.

  • For external use. Apply thinly to the affected parts of the body and rub into the skin until dry and massage in. 

    Warning: Contains mountain pine oil, racemic camphor, levomenthol and macrogol glycerol ricinoleate 60 (Ph.Eur.). It should not come into contact with skin wounds. Store out of reach of children.

  • Contains 50% alcohol by volume

    Active ingredients:
    1.4 g mountain pine oil / 100 g
    0.87 g racemic camphor / 100 g
    0.7 g levomenthol / 100 g

    ethanol 96%, purified water, macrogolglycerol ricinoleate 60 (Ph.Eur.), Isobornyl acetate, Spanish sage oil, rosemary oil, seven-herb oil R 041.923, color mixture: E104, E110, E131, E124, sodium sulfate