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Allgäuer Latschen Pine Rubbing Alcohol 1000 ml

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  • Application
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  • Allgäuer Latschen Pine Rubbing Alcohol sooth for nerves and joints.

    Used for many years for peripheral circulatory disorders, muscle tension and calf cramps.

    Promotes circulation, pleasantly cooling. Penetrates deep into the affected tissue. The mountain pine oil is obtained from the needles of the Allgäu mountain pine. A distillation process developed in-house by Allga Pharma produces an essential oil of the highest quality, which is characterized by a particularly high content of D-3-carene. D-3-Carene is a natural active substance that supports the body's own self-healing powers. With hypoallergy certificate.

    Allgäuer Latschen Pine rubbing alcohol prevents muscle pain, invigorates and perfuses the skin and muscles, is beneficial for nerves and joints, and refreshes tired legs. Do not use on moist compresses.

    • Tension
    • aching
    • Back pain
    • Joint pain

  • Active ingredients: 1.4 g mountain pine oil / 100 g, 0.87 g racemic camphor / 100 g, 0.7 g levomenthol / 100 g