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Spinnrad Algae Oil 50 ml

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  • Spinnrad Algae Oil smooths, soothes, tightens the skin and promotes blood circulation. This oil is an extract obtained from brown algae. It is prepared with a fatty oil. The active ingredients of the algae are of great importance for skin care. It is rich in proteins, peptides, amino acids, polysaccharides and much more.

    It also contains allantoin, mineral salts and vitamins. The oil smoothes, soothes, firms, promotes blood circulation and cell renewal. It provides moisture, regulates the function of the sebum, detoxifies, regenerates and strengthens the skin's resistance.

    In the case of weak connective tissue and cellulite, the algae oil can be incorporated into massage oils because it is valued for its ability to bring oxygen into the cells and thereby remove the waste products.

  • Algae oil is used in creams, body milk , oil baths, massage oils, sun protection preparations, in baby care, etc. 

    Application concentration
    : between 1 - 10%
    the algae oil can be incorporated into the fat phase, shortly before pouring the water phase, but also into the finished product.
    Do not heat above 60 ° C.

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