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Aldiamed oral gel - saliva 50 g

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  • Description
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  • Aldiamed oral gel - saliva supplement  provides hours of pleasant moisturizing in the mouth. It prevents inflammation in the mouth.

    The pleasantly thick consistency ensures that the oral gel remains like a protective film on the oral mucosa for a long time and protects it from drying out even at night.

  • You can apply aldiamed oral gel directly to the gums or the particularly dry areas of the mouth with your finger or a cotton swab.

    In order to completely wet your oral cavity, you can also place 1 - 2 cm aldiamed oral gel on the tongue and distribute it evenly around the mouth with the tongue.

    • as often as required
    • after brushing your teeth
    • after rinsing the mouth, e.g. B. with the aldiamed mouthwash
    • and especially in the evening before going to bed
  • glycerine, sorbitol, xylitol, aloe vera, polyacrylate, xanthan, lactoferrin.