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Bombastus Aktivator Essence 10 ml

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  • Activator Essence is an alcoholic concentrate. Activator essence gives drinks a stimulating - refreshing, slightly spicy note. - Contains 62% vol.

    To add to drinks, shake the activator essence briefly, then add a few drops to tea, water, Arhama® sage blossom drink or herbal drink Bombastus® and drink.

    Alternatively, after shaking it, it is also possible to drip a few drops of activator essence onto a lump of sugar and suck the sugar.

  • Contains 62% vol. Do not consume undiluted! Use only according to the consumption recommendation! Store child-safe!

  • Contains 62% vol. 
    ethanol, water, aroma extracts (cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, clove oil), aroma (raspberry aroma), acidifier (hydrochloric acid).