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Share the Love. Save €10 from €99 with code LOVE

Additiva Vitamin C + Zinc Depot 300 mg Capsules 60 cap

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Original price €9,50
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  • Additiva® Vitamin C + Zinc Depot 300 mg capsules is a depot capsules with 9 hours sustained release.

    - Contributes to a normal function of the immune system.

    The most famous vitamin is certainly vitamin C. It is a real all-rounder anyway: it strengthens the immune system, protects the eye from the inside, protects vessels from the attack of free radicals, stabilizes muscles, joints, skin and bones and promotes the absorption of iron in the Body.

    Zinc is also a true power. This trace element contributes to healthy cells and helps with skin problems. It influences the sense of smell and taste, stimulates the appetite and promotes memory. And: An optimal zinc supply strengthens the defense and prevents infections.

    If the immune system is weakened by special strains or illnesses or if it is generally to be strengthened, capsules and tablets with depot - such as ADDITIVA Vitamin C + can support zinc.

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