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Abtei Gastrointestinal Relaxation Tablets 20 pcs

by Abtei
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  • Abtei Gastrointestinal Relaxation Tablets promotes gastrointestinal relaxation dissolves the increased gas accumulations with the well-tolerated active ingredient simeticon. By chewing the chewable tablet, the active ingredient is already released in the mouth and can take effect immediately in the stomach.

    Gastrointestinal relaxation - effective against gas, bloating and belching:

    • Relieves the pressure - relaxes the stomach
    • With the proven active ingredient simeticon
    • Works quickly and reliably
    • Clinically tested active ingredient
    • Fresh peppermint flavor
    • Easy to take chewable tablets

    Unfamiliar foods, foods that are difficult to digest and ferment, such as legumes and cabbage, but also limited gastrointestinal activity can lead to digestive problems with tension and feelings of pressure in the abdomen. The result is gas, bloating, or belching. These symptoms are caused by gas build-up in the abdomen.

    The silicon compound simeticon dissolves these gas accumulations and thus leads to a relief of the symptoms. Simeticon is well tolerated and is excreted by the body.

    Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets are easy to take chewable tablets with a pleasant peppermint taste. With 125 mg simeticon, they are high-dose and quickly effective against tension and pressure in the abdomen.

    Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets ¿quickly and gently effective for flatulence, bloating or belching.

  • Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, adults and children over the age of 12 take a gastrointestinal relaxation tablet (equivalent to 125 mg simethicone) 3 times a day or as needed.

  • 1 chewable tablet contains
    pharmaceutically active ingredients
    125 mg simeticon

    Other ingredients:
    dextrates, sorbitol, tricalcium phosphate,
    sucrose, corn starch, talc, citric acid,
    Apply peppermint flavor .