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Alsiroyal® - Nature, science and innovation in harmony

Alsiroyal® is the major brand from Alsitan, a modern company dedicated to the development and distribution of high quality nutritional supplements, dietetic foods, medical devices, natural remedies and natural cosmetics since 1949.

At the heart of our business is a research and development team of physicians, biologists, food analysts and nutritionists. Here, researchers are researching innovative extracts and are working on the optimum combinations of individual plant substances by bringing together new and old knowledge from Asian and Western natural medicine.

Today, the traditional company has become a research-active company with a product range of more than 100 preparations. The focus is on products based on natural products and micronutrients, which respond to different needs and health requirements. 

In order to preserve as many valuable active substances as possible in the plant extracts, we make sure that when selecting our extraction and production processes, they are equally gentle on the product and the environment. When purchasing raw materials, we are increasingly focusing on organic farming and attach great importance to the promotion of social projects. All green electricity comes to 100% from the listed Schöngeisinger hydroelectric power plant on the Amper.

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