Omega-3: An important nutritional supplement

Omega-3: An important nutritional supplement

Our health is influenced by our diet.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids should be an essential part of our daily meals in the form of fish or, if necessary, dietary supplements, as they support various health areas in our body. Omega-3 fatty acids are a true all-rounder and are found in certain vegetable oils, nuts and especially in cold-water fish such as salmon or mackerel and krill oil. In addition to vegetable oils, the vegan or vegetarian diet can be supplemented with the non-animal microalgae Schizochytrium sp. which, in contrast to other vegetable omega-3 sources, has a high content of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

What do we need Omega-3 fatty acids for?

In our body the polyunsaturated fatty acids play a role in different areas. Even during pregnancy, the fatty acid DHA is required as a building block for the unborn child's brain and retina in the womb. Read more about what omega-3 fatty acids do in newborns and what exactly fatty acid DHA is for!

Also in the context of brain metabolism and normal brain function, we need omega-3 fatty acids. In our brain, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA is involved in certain processes. Learn about the link between omega-3 fatty acids and mental health and see what percentage of our nervous system is made up of DHA!

In addition, omega-3 fatty acids have an effect on heart health and our eyesight. Learn about the heart and how we can support it with the unsaturated fatty acids! You can also find out about maintaining normal vision.

Quality and sustainability of omega-3 fatty acids

Doppelherz, the Germany health supplement producer since 1919, has different quality seals confirm the high quality of the product ingredients. Among the quality standards used is the PureMax * technology, which guarantees a high purity of omega-3 fatty acids through a special treatment process. In the krill catch, the ECO-HarvestingTM technology ** is considered to be particularly sustainable, as the Antarctic krill is caught without any negative influence on the krill population and processed into a particularly pure krill oil. In the case of the vegan and vegetarian products, the V label given by the Vegetarian Federation Germany e.V. is a clear indication that the product was manufactured without animal additives.

* PureMax is a trademark of Croda International PLC, England
** ECO-HarvestingTM is a trademark of Aker BioMarine

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