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Demeter quality - from tradition and conviction

The Bauckhof family owns one of the oldest Demeter farms in Germany, the Bauckhof Klein Süstedt near Uelzen (Lower Saxony). It has been biodynamically farmed since the 1920s. In the 1960s and 70s, the Bauckhöfe Amelinghausen and Stütensen were added. From these farms, Bauckhof emerged as a natural food manufacturer with its own Demeter mill.

Demeter quality is the highest organic quality. Biodynamic farming is considered the most sustainable form of organic farming. Organic fertilizers and medicinal herbs promote soil fertility. This creates vital, naturally mature plants with a lot of vitality.

Demeter cereals from the region - for the best flours, tasty cereals and successful baking mixes

Bauckhof sourced the local cereals wheat, spelled, rye, barley and oats from regional Demeter farmers whom know well and to whom maintain good personal relationships. Lasting and fair partnerships are important - that is why Bauckhof concluded long-term cooperation agreements with the producers.

Through this cooperation Bauckhof secured and promoted biodynamic agriculture and provide planning security:


  • With long-term stable prices, Bauckhof is counteracting speculation with Demeter cereals.
  • Creating a reliable framework so that Demeter cereals can be grown financially and appropriately for farmers in Germany.
  • Offer farmers a safe acceptance of their raw materials and guarantee our customers the safe availability of Bauckhof products.
  • Counteract the trend that areas in Germany are being converted back to conventional cultivation and that organic raw materials are increasingly being imported from abroad.

Bauckhof promotes the conversion to Demeter cereals cultivation in the region.

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