Organic Spelt Muesli Berry 425 g

by Bauck
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  • Spelt - the forgotten treasure:

    Coming from Dinkelhausen, Dinkelsbühl or Dinkelscherben, maybe remember how important spelt used to be. Meanwhile, the grain has been rediscovered. Especially in organic farming spelt is grown nationwide again today. The ancient writings of Hildegard of Bingen on the special advantages of spelt have become popular again.

    For our Bauckhof Müzlis we use old spelt varieties without strong wheat an. Typical varieties are'Oberkulmer Rotkorn' and’Schwabenkorn'.

    Our Demeter Dinkel comes mostly from biodynamic economizing farmers in northern Germany. The farmers are organized in a producer group and are subject to regular inspections, without the use of genetically modified organisms or genetically modified raw materials, without the use of preservatives and additives. Residue analysis of the individual additives.

  • Ideal for breakfast with milk, juice or curd or for baking bread, rolls, biscuits, Müzliriegeln inter alia,

    Cool and dry aufbewahren.Gentechnikfrei without flavor, without synth. Dyes without synth. Preservative without white sugar, pure organic, unsweetened.

  • Contains no declarable additives

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