Why an Eye Cream?

Why an Eye Cream?

Actually, we all know it: it is much easier to regularly dab the eye area with a cream than to ask yourself at the weekend, if perhaps ten years have passed since the last Monday. Or why do we look so tired around the eyes? And that is exactly why it is so incredibly important to integrate the eye care in the daily beauty routine.

But why an eye cream?

Because eye cream is essential. The skin around our eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our face. It therefore also requires finer active ingredients that are precisely tailored to their nature. But that's not all, the eye cream also has a special texture that prevents it from spreading and getting into your eyes, causing it to burn and irritate.

Ok convinced, and what eye care is right for me then?

Eye creams have been created for women who are longing for more care, have a dry eye area , fine lines and are eager to fight the aging skin confidently. These creams provide the delicate skin around the eyes with intense active ingredients that will cushion them and prevent them from becoming too dry. After all, that can lead to wrinkles - And who wants that?

Once you've found your favorite eye cream, it's about applying it properly. The best eye cream can not exhaust its potential if it is not applied properly. Over the years, the care of the eye area is becoming more important and also applies here: the sooner you start with it the better. Basically, there are different application methods and with these tips and tricks everyone can get the most out of his eye care:

Do not forget to apply eye mask for a thorough care weekly! On a relaxing day, pamper the skin around the eyes with dermatologically tested eye mask.

Eye cream as a balm or mask

If you want to apply the eye cream as a balm, the morning and evening, a thin layer on. The cream is always applied from the inside out. To use the eye care as a mask, you have to reach deeper into the cream jar. Here applies: apply thick, leave to act and pat the rest.

There is also the possibility to combine both methods. That would mean the eye area in the morning to supply the preferred product thin and in the evening before going to sleep apply a thick layer to move in overnight. But that's not all you need to know about eye cream and skin care for optimal results ...

20 seconds in the morning and evening -Preparation of the eye area on the care

This daily preparation technique optimally prepares the skin around the eye area. It has a decongestant and stimulating effect. Simply tap with two fingers for a few seconds on the marked pressure points before the eye cream is applied to the skin.

Apply eye care properly - the basics

Those who follow a classic course in their daily beauty routine, namely cleansing, toning, eye cream, serum and care, could probably also find their favor from the basic eye care: So that the eye care product of our confidence can develop its full potential, the following things should be considered:

  • Apply eye care regularly - preferably daily. 
  • Do not gobble: Always use enough product to really care for the entire eye area. Always start at the inner corner of the eye, but not too close to the eye, and then work slowly over the outer corner of the eye. 
  • Eye care should always be stored refrigerated or in a suitable location, but especially in summer. After getting up, it's the ultimate freshness kick! 
  • If the eye area is rather dry and requires extra care, an extra, richer eye care for the night should be purchased, according to the motto: Double keeps better!

What is important when applying eye care?

The skin around the eyes does not tolerate so much pressure. It can actually cause wrinkles by rubbing the thin skin too tightly. Therefore, should always be used to knock on the eye cream ring finger. In it, so to speak, is more feeling and not so much power. Say, he can not build up so much pressure and will gently beat the cream into the skin. In addition, the cream should be applied with a small distance to the eyelash edge (about half a centimeter distance to the lid margin is perfect).

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