What is Molat? Here Dr. Grandel explains in detail

What is Molat? Here Dr. Grandel explains in detail

What is Molat? Power for body and mind: Why the energy depot is indispensable in everyday life?


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The powdered nutrient concentrate has many talents. Molat always comes into play when it comes to performance. So if it means filling empty energy storage quickly and avoiding performance losses, DR. GRANDEL's power powder is the solution of choice.

What is Molat?

Molat by DR. GRANDEL is a high-quality nutrient concentrate made exclusively from ingredients of natural origin. It consists mainly of skimmed fresh milk, vegetable oil, wheat germ extract and date syrup. High-quality nutrients naturally complement the daily diet. Molat is rich in vitamin B1 and calcium, which contribute to a normal energy metabolism. Potassium helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Vitamin E helps protect cell constituents from oxidative damage. Sleepy, tired, the power is missing? A spoonful of Molat is a spoonful of energy!

Molat is brain food for work, school and study

A balanced diet does not make you any smarter, but it does support the performance of your body and mind. Molat is rich in vitamin B1, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. The "nerve food" in powder form has been proven for over 50 years and has certainly already supported one or the other mental challenge.

Get back into shape quickly with Molat

Get back on your feet quickly or get full performance? The tasty preparation provides essential nutrients for people who have lost their well-being, appetite-less people and people with reduced physical capacity - the organism regains strength and strength.

Vegetarians - please access

Especially those who live without flesh and fish want to provide their body - in addition to the usual diet - important nutrients. Molat contains, for example, vitamin B1, calcium and high-quality protein. Free from ingredients based on meat or fish, the powder is ideal for vegetarians.

Ideal for best agers

Life is calmer, everyday life is less hectic and the metabolic processes slow down with age. For those who still have a lot to plan, Molat has plenty of vital substances that are particularly important in old age, and thus meets the special nutritional needs of older people.

In pregnancy and lactation

A nice, but also physically demanding time, which can be overcome more easily by a particularly balanced diet. While the organism does not consume significantly more energy during pregnancy and breast-feeding than usual, its essential nutritional component needs are significantly increased. With its nutrient diversity, Molat is therefore an ideal support in these special "circumstances".

For physically active people

The inner bastard is overcome and sport is finally part of everyday life or is at least regularly on the plan. But that's not all, because enthusiastic recreational athletes needed a diet that lives up to their active lifestyle. Molat provides high-quality milk and cereal germ protein, which helps to build and maintain the muscles.

Beetroot bread spread

Recipe with Molat: Beetroot bread spread with MOLAT

Try the recipe idea of Dr. Grandel food blogger Chez Theresa for a successful open-air lunch in a magical place.


1 medium beetroot * 150g cream cheese * 1 small onion *
2 level EL Molat * salt * pepper * chopped walnuts * cress


Clean the beetroot, remove the coarsest stems and cook gently in salted water for about 40 minutes. Drain and shake off cold. Then peel (preferably with disposable gloves) and cut into rough cubes.

Peel the onion, also dice and place together with the beetroot in a tall container and puree. Add cream cheese and MOLAT, mix and season with salt and pepper.

TIP: The best taste is the spread with some cress and chopped walnuts on a crunchy walnut bread.

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