Using Oil in your Skin Care Routine

Using Oil in your Skin Care Routine

Some people mistakenly believe using beauty oil or skin care oil will make your skin greasy and feeling uncomfortable. Indeed, oil is an essential substance for healhty and glowing skin.

Your skin produce oil itself, during the warmer months, your skin tends to produce more oil, which, makes you look dewy and exude radiance, and at worst, makes you look like a greaseball. Coming to autumn and winter, it can have the opposite effect, leaving your skin dry, dull, and longing for that natural oil production.

Adding oil into your skin care routine is a simple way to repair your skin from the winter stresses while allowing it to retain moisture. Oil also brightens and strengthens the skin while fighting off acne-causing bacteria.

Here are someways you can easily add beauty oil into your skin care routine:

1. Mixing a few drops of beauty oil into the moisturizer

We apply day and night care everyday. It is easy and practical! Simply mix a few drops of beauty oil, such as argan oil and rose oil, into the moisturizer that you usually use in your palm. Then put on the mixed moisturizer onto the face and neck area as you normally do. 

This way, the properties of moisturizer are wonderfully boosted, it is easier for the skin to absorb. By adding pure rose oil, it also provides extra calming effect to the skin.

2. Apply a thin layer of beauty oil after having cleansing mask

Most people feel the skin is a bit drier after using mud-like cleaning mask. This is a good time to simply put a bit of beauty oil, such as lavender oil, to nourish the skin gently, adding hydration to the skin before moisturizer. When you do it 2-3 times a week, you can probably see the skin glows differently. The smell of lavender also relaxes the body.  

3. Mixing beauty oil with facial scrub

To some people, purely using facial scrub is a bit harsh to the skin, although it helps cleansing the skin's pores. Adding a bit of beauty oil into the facial scrub can minimize the fraction between the scrub and the skin. If you are natural skin care fans, simply mix beauty oil such as argan oil and coconut oil with sugar, and use it as your freshly-made natural facial and body scrub. The result, said by many, is pretty obvious when you continuously do it.



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