Healthy Roots. Healthy Hair.

Priorin ® improves hair growth from within. Healthy roots. Healthy hair.

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PriorinPriorin ® supplies the hair with nutrients from natural ingredients, including millet extract, Cystine and Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). The combination of micronutrients for more fullness, more strength and of course more hair. 

The Priorin capsules strengthen the hair from the inside and help to increase hair growth by supplying the hair cells with important micronutrients. In doing so, they rely on the power of:

The nutrients in Priorin ® improve hair growth from within.

The hair root has a very active metabolism. It constantly produces new cells for growing hair. Keratinocytes (key cells in hair) undergo cell division faster than any other cell in the body.

The newly formed hair cells occupy the space of the previous cells and push them upwards in the hair root canal. The more the cells in the hair shaft are pushed upwards, the more keratin is produced in the cells. This keratin leads to cornification and ultimately the death of these cells. The keratinised cells are pushed upwards even further and form the visible hair above the surface of the scalp.

Overall, hair relies on a strong microcirculation that provides nutrients for adequate growth. The nutrients in Priorin stimulate and improve hair growth and hair re-growth.

Hair Growth



How should Priorin Capsules be used?

In case of hair loss:

Take 2 capsules in the morning  and 1 capsule with water in the evening for the first 3 months. For a sustainable treatment then 1 capsule per day is sufficient.

For easier hair growth disorders:

Once a day, consume 1 capsule with water.

How long should Priorin Capsules be used?

Although an improvement in the hair condition is usually observed after just a few weeks, due to the slow growth of the hair, therefore, support the hair root with Priorin over a period of 3 to 6 months. If hair problems occur later again, the use can be repeated. 


How to use Priorin Liquid?

Priorin Liquid can be applied easily and quickly: Apply only once a day directly to the scalp. Simply turn up the practical spray applicator laterally. Apply 5 to 8 sprays to the entire scalp per application. Then massage the Priorin Liquid gently into the scalp. Finished!

Priorin Liquid smells pleasant and does not need to be rinsed out. It leaves no residue in the hair and does not stick it. So, as a woman, you can style and style your hair as usual after use.

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How low should Priorin Liquid be used?

As the growth phase of the hair is generally very slow, you should treat the hair root with Priorin Liquid for at least 12 weeks.



Priorin Shampoo - More shine and volume

If you would like to do something good for your weak and thinning hair when washing your hair, then trust the Priorin Shampoo. For more shine and volume

What are the ingredients in Priorin Shampoo?

Priorin Shampoo contains the special combination of millet extract, glycoproteins and the pro-vitamin B5. This proven pro-vitamin B5 attaches itself to the hair and brings long-lasting moisture into the hair. It also gives the hair volume and increases its resistance to hair breakage. Even after rinsing off the shampoo, Pro-Vitamin B5 remains in your hair, giving it shine and improving its combability.

Without parabens and dyes: Because both numb and thinning hair and the scalp should be treated gently.

Healthy Hair


 Information reference from Bayer Vital GmbH

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