Our Skin Regenerates at Night Naturally

Our Skin Regenerates at Night Naturally

Beauty Sleep

While we sleep softly, our skin is working at full speed, so we wake up in the morning again radiantly beautiful. Here you can find out how we can support the repair processes with good night care. In addition: Worth knowing about the time when we close our eyes.

Beauty sleep - that sounds a bit old-fashioned and outdated. But it's really true. Because while we sleep at night, some body functions increase their work pace. The pituitary gland releases more growth hormones, and this affects, among other things, our cells. If, we sleep too little or if the deep sleep phase is disturbed, this immediately becomes noticeable on the skin. The skin is getting thinner. Wrinkles arise. If we sleep well, the body's regeneration runs at full speed. In concrete terms, this means that the skin repairs cell damage caused, for example, by the sun, compensates for moisture losses and ensures that its protective coating, the so-called hydrolipid film, works optimally again. So: our skin is in the best sense nocturnal.

During the day the cells are busy with other things: they have to ward off UV rays and stop everything that comes to them from dust and environmental influences. The skin releases more moisture, producing more sebum to keep it in balance. Collagen is built up at night, the cells divide faster, re-form. By contrast, sebum production is lowest around midnight. All this we can use in skincare for us. If the skin needs protection most of the day, it benefits at night from a care that supports its regeneration. For example, dry skin can process rich care at night, and oily skin can absorb moisture, such as light fluids. Prerequisite: a gentle but thorough evening cleansing that removes make-up, dust and sweat, opens the pores and provides the active ingredients of night care easier access.

Night Care

Sleep masks, oils, creams are specifically designed to fully support the activities of the skin at night. What we apply before going to sleep is used particularly well. Masks such as DermaSel Dead Sea Night Repair Mask 12 ml and DermaSel Dead Sea Eye Mask Night Repair 3 ml that move in overnight and are specially fortified with content that promotes skin regeneration. For example, with lipids, ceramides or moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate into deeper skin layers and moisture can bind very well. Nightly activists are also: Vitamin A, which is converted in the skin to vitamin A acid and can reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and supports the skin in the repair of small cell damage. By the way: a special night care is also good for young skin. From the age of about 20 you should pat your skin a bit at night and make it easier to renew it.

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