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Hair Growth Shampoo – the savior when losing hair

The hair has always played a big role in human history. In all cultures, healthy and full hair is a status symbol for health, youth and strength. Many people worry about having some hair in the sink or getting stuck in the comb, but losing a certain amount of hair is completely normal. Everyone loses about 60 to 100 hairs a day, but if that amound increases, hair loss can become a big problem.


Normally hair loss and hair restoration are more or less in balance. A hair has an average lifespan of 5-7 years and grows about one centimeter per month. The scalp has approximately 100,000 hair follicles containing a hair root. These contain important substances for hair growth and play a big role when you lose your hair.


Shiny, dense hair radiates vitality and health. So what do you do when you incresingly lose your hair, have no idea why and what to do about it. There are many different reasons for hair loss: illness, stress or seasonal causes. However, to tackle hair loss one should go to the bottom of the problem. And one possible way to fight hair loss are shampoo specialised for hair growth.


hair growth shampoo for healthy hair

Hair growth shampoos can help to stop your hair loss

For hair loss there are countless remedies: medicines, diet changes, tinctures or even as a last resort hair transplantation. A hair growth shampoo, however, is probably one of the more inexpensive ones and the easiest.

Since we regularly wash our hair and this is the foundation of our routine hair care, you should take a closer look at the ingrediens and pick the right shampoo to make your hair grow.


Hair growth shampoo with caffeine

Caffeine is supposed to make hair grow faster and denser. There are special shampoos and tinctures for hair growth that contain the active ingredient. Caffeine increases blood circulation in the scalp and promotes vasodilation, so that the roots can absorb the nutrients even better. The nutrients that are so important for the hair and scalp are thus absorbed better from the scalp to the hair roots and into the tips. This principle was used in the Sebamed Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and also the Rausch Original Hair Tincture which is shown to increase the hair growth up to 28% just after six weeks.


Hair growth shampoo with ginseng

Ginseng - also known as power root- has been known and appreciated for millennia for just this effect. The root, which originates from the forests of Asia, has been shown to act like a tonic and is considered to carry the vital energy Chi. The nutrients that are so important for the hair and scalp are passed from the scalp to the hair roots and into the hair tips. The treatment with ginseng has an positive active effect on the hair. This root is already used in various Shampoos specialised for hair growth from Rausch.


Hair growth shampoos with other natural ingredients

In nature, there are certain plants that have an positive effect on the hair and stimulate the vital circulation of the scalp. Here aloe vera, ginseng, lavender and rosemary are very heplful.


With a poor circulation, the roots get little nutrients and oxygen, and so the hair gradually stunted until it fails. To tackle this issue, Rosemary oil increases the blood circulation of the scalp, so the hair roots are better supplied with blood to stop the hair from falling out.


Moreover, there are various vitamins shown to have a huge impact on hair gowth. For excample Vitamin B, which is used in the anaphase + shampoo for hair growth from Ducray, takes over the hair root and leaves the hair regain strength. Al biotin, is also considered a classic vitamin for hair growth. 

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