ERIC:BARBIER is a top brand for hair care and beard products such as wax and oil for men

ERIC:BARBIER - crafting premium men’s grooming products with professionalism

Created by famed master barber Anthony Stölting, ERIC:BARBIER debuted its premium range of hair and beard grooming products exclusively at their barber shop this year on Ballindamm 36, one of the most sophisticated locations in Hamburg. 


GQ says: "ERIC:BARBIER is one of top 6 barber shops in Europe"

Selected as the 6th Best Barber in Europe by GQ magazine, Anthony is passionate about the transforming power of excellent barber products. In his mind, they are the most important tools to assist and maintain the excellence of men’s grooming everyday. With a combined 25 years of professional experience in Germany, France and England, Anthony and his team perfect the craft of ERIC: BARBIER products, a range that is truly practical as well as empowers men to walk with confidence everyday. 


ERIC:BARBIER Men Hair Care Products Made in Germany

Finest gentlemen care products by ERIC:BARBIER. With natural ingredients. Made in Germany.



Professional hair care made in Germany

All ERIC:BARBIER formulations are developed and tested by Anthony personally together with his team and customers. Their praxis in styling the German young and mature professional men everyday and usage of varieties of products in past years have perfectly placed them to hand-craft this premium rage. They understand what ingredients work better on hair and beard and how to achieve excellent grooming and styling. Pushing the limit, Anthony has particularly added a note of natural fragrance in all unique formulations. This special and pleasant smell has distinguished ERIC:BARBIER products from others. 

Development together with the customers and the team

Customers have played an important role in the development of this premium product range of ERIC:BARBIER. From the product type, the texture, the usage and the packaging, the customers in the barber shop were able to provide constructive feedback, making this collection truly customer-centric.

Send directly from Germany to the world.

Made in Germany


ERIC:BARBIER Lavender Rosemary Shampoo - due to the special composition of this shampoo and the addition of natural and cold-pressed oils, the shampoo by ERIC:BARBIER prevents hair loss. Shop Here

ERIC:BARBIER Argan Oil Shampoo - especially suitable for men who frequently use hair wax and hair gel styling products. Shop here

ERIC:BARBIER Matt Wax Medium  - this Matt Wax is derived from natural beeswax in German regions and avoids the use of crude oil. Shop here

ERIC:BARBIER Beard Oil - the natural quality of the oil has an extremely nourishing effect, without leaving a greasy film on the beard hair. Shop here 

ERIC:BARBIER Aftershave - the cleansing effect of the natural oils simultaneously reduces skin tensions and skin irritations of the regrowing beard hair. Shop here


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