Active Ingredient - Olive Oil

Active Ingredient - Olive Oil

The Powerful Active Ingredient for the skin

The precious olive oil in cosmetics had long been forgotten. The industry thought too expensive and too difficult to work with and preferred to use uncomplicated fats such as silicone and paraffin oils.

The smell of the oil also gave the manufacturers a few extra hours of development on top that they would not have had with the cheaper alternatives.

Olive oil consists mainly of essential fatty acids, which dry skin is mostly lacking. These fatty acids, or especially the linoleic acid contained in olive oil, are skin-like lipids - valuable fatty substances that are necessary to build up the natural skin barrier (epidermis), support them in their protective function and prevent them from drying out. Due to the similarity to our skin, they can be absorbed particularly well and thus optimize the lipid and moisture content of our protective cover.

However, our skin cannot only live on good fats. It's a good thing that liquid gold has a lot more to offer: Its greatest strength is certainly its antioxidant effect. The richly contained polyphenols in particular protect our cells from aggressive free radicals, which not only arise from metabolic processes in our body, but also hit our skin from the outside, for example through environmental pollution, exhaust gases, cigarette smoke and UV rays.

Free radicals are actually oxygen molecules that attack the cells, damage them and cause wrinkles, remove moisture from the skin or even promote disease. But don't worry: Antioxidants are our bodyguards that help with defense and are therefore indispensable for a beautiful, healthy complexion. The vitamin E contained in olive oil is also an antioxidant, but it also makes the skin supple and elastic and contributes to its oxygen supply. A real care all-round talent.


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